About OutdoorOttawa

Welcome to OutdoorOttawa!

OutdoorOttawa is my little pet project, born of three key ingredients:

  1. the frustrations of my friends at seeing non-stop camping, skiing, and paddling pictures streaming across my Facebook page and their urging me to “get a job” and “stop flaunting my lifestyle, post it somewhere else”,
  2. at the time I was just picking up web development, so I used (and still use to this day) OutdoorOttawa to hone my skills,
  3. and there was (and is still) nothing quite like it, with outdoor news, activities, and information from across the region and across multiple outdoor sports

OutdoorOttawa has seen many, many iterations over the past three or six years, mostly depending on how much time/energy I have to devote to it. From a simple blog to a full-fledged community site with memberships and profiles, OutdoorOttawa has now drifted towards the middle of the two, and towards something a little more manageable:

Me, Dave Woodbridge

While I was born and bred in Ottawa, when I built OutdoorOttawa I had recently returned from a few years on the west coast, where I fell in love with nature all over again. Upon my return to the Ottawa Valley I was really worried about “outdoors withdrawal” so I took to rediscovering Gatineau Park and the Greenbelt and, to my great surprise, I quickly found outdoor adventures around Ottawa easier to access and more plentiful than I could have imagined!

Building and filling this site with pictures and stories has motivated me to get outside, explore new places, and discover the most amazing natural settings our region has to offer – I hope to share that enthusiasm with you through OutdoorOttawa!


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XC Ottawa has a fun run event in the NCC Greenbelt trails – Saturday August 23rd 2014.
In support of the Wild Bird Care Centre.


c Wareing

I would like to email you directly about your listings for cabins. Please email at the above address. Thank you


Hi there, I just wanted to thank you for adding our shop to your site as a local retailer! I did want to just give you a quick reminder that the Expedition Shoppe and Gear Garage are both closed. The old Expedition Shoppe was in the building we currently occupy, so to reduce any confusion, could they be removed from your site? Thanks!

Phil Dawes

Dave, are you still listing outdoor clubs on this site? It looks like a good resource for someone trying to find an outdoor club in the area but the menu item to view clubs and groups does not seem to work?